Appraisal Basics

Home appraisal is a significant part of a transaction involving a mortgage. It requires an unbiased opinion by a licensed and certified professional.

Suppose there is a purchase or sale transaction happening soon. The appraisal is a must to determine the appropriate contract price of the home, which takes into consideration the location and condition of the house.

How the appraisal is conducted?

In conducting an appraisal, the priority is to protect the interest of the lenders. Thus, the lender orders for an appraisal while considering the following:

  • Inspection by a licensed appraiser
  • Comparable tactics to determine the exact market value of the property
  • Final appraisal report by appraiser

Appraisal actually protects both the lender and the buyer. In addition, you must be aware of appraisal cost, expiration dates, and adjustments, etc. Comprehensive knowledge of such matters can be provided by our experts.

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